Thursday, June 9, 2011

Farewell to my Findaway friends...

After over six years, it's hard to believe I'm about to type this next line:

I've resigned from Findaway World to start my own company.

Okay, for those of you that know me very well -- you're probably not shocked at the fact that I'm starting something new.  You knew that I took pride in creating the first Corporate Sponsorship program for a 100+ year old university athletics program back when I was still an MBA student at Case Western Reserve University.  You knew that I tinkered with inventing a product over the past 2 years (which even got kudos from David Pogue in the New York Times).

"But you loved your role at Findaway," you exclaim.  "You're really leaving?!"

Believe me, that wasn't an easy decision.  I came into Findaway World a pretty green 23 year old who was excited to help three entrepreneurs take a crazy idea and turn it into something cool.  Those very entrepreneurs took me under their wing, mentored me, guided me, and essentially helped me to be come a confident, enthusiastic entrepreneur who truly believes that I can and will change an industry that hasn't significantly changed in the past 100 years.

I'll miss the people I work with and have become good friends with.  I'll miss the passionate librarians I've had the privilege of working with so closely.  I'll miss Findawayerfest.  I won't miss being a Findawayer.  I'll always be a Findawayer.

Yet, there's a beginning with every ending.  Next week, my friend and Co-Founder, Bryan, and I will head to Columbus as one of just 10 startup teams chosen by the State of Ohio to participate in 10x -- an initiative to attract the brightest young tech entrepreneurs to our home State of Ohio.  We'll be working this summer to build our business, launch it, and ultimately, grow it into a successful tech startup -- one not unlike Findaway World has become over the past several years.

If you keep reading this blog from time to time, I'll be happy to share our story.  Until then...