Thursday, July 7, 2011

Prototype Day

Earlier today, my partner, Bryan, and I had the opportunity to present a prototype of the product we've begun developing to a crowd of about 45 10x Xelerator mentors, entrepreneurs, investors, and the like.  The feedback was great.  While everybody was certainly positive about the business we're building, one thing was apparent.

We have a lot of work to do.

I don't mean that as a dig on us.  I actually think we positioned ourselves quite well.  Even still, it was apparent that all of the 10x teams have a lot of work to do if we all plan on building and growing sustainable businesses.  It's just the reality of a startup.  It's not about writing 10,000 lines of code.  It's not just about finding a couple of bizdev deals to close.  It's not about choosing a couple of buzzwordy marketing methods to toy with.

It's about the whole package.  Putting it all together.  Taking a great idea that solves a real problem, wrapping a sound business model around it, getting feedback from customers, and just flipping doing it.  Good ol' fashioned execution.

Time to roll the sleeves up...